About The Relationship Playbook

The Relationship Playbook’s (TRP) mission is to inspire and encourage people to have better lives through better relationships with themselves and those around them.

TRP will accomplish it’s mission through our four major initiatives:

  • REAL Initiative – Having frank and open dialogue with each other about life and relationship challenges and providing solutions to those challenges.
  • Education Initiative – Educate people on the specific skills and tools needed for happy, healthy relationships.
  • Healing Initiative – Help people heal from toxic and broken relationships through compassion and inspiration.
  • Youth Initiative – Invest in future generations by helping them establish healthy foundations before they develop permanent, negative biases.

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The Relationship Playbook

Who is TRP for?

TRP is for you who believe you don’t have to work for love, and it’ll just “find you” because you’re a “great catch”.  It’s for you who believe in the fairy tale that prince charming is going to magically appear, sweep you off your feet, and you’ll live “happily ever after”.  TRP is for you who believe that you’re the “one in a million” exception and just because you have sex you’re in a relationship, you can actually change him/her, and he/she is really going to leave their spouse.  TRP is for you who continue to make poor choices in partners and relationships, believe it’s always someone else’s fault, rationalize inappropriate behavior as a way of life, and wonder why you have yet to be with “the one”.

TRP is also for the rest of you…

2010 Black Weblog AwardTRP is also for you who truly believe and understand that relationships take work and sacrifice.  For you who take personal responsibility for your actions and realize that before there’s a better “us”, there first must be a better “me”.  TRP is for you already in wonderful relationships and you want your relationship to continue to grow.  For you that have discovered your own “secrets” to a successful relationship and you want to share them with others.  TRP is for you who are tired are just talking about the problems with people and relationships and are ready to discuss solutions.

For some TRP will give you an opportunity to brush up on your skills and confirm what you already know.  For others TRP will introduce you to new ideas and concepts.  But no matter who you are and what you know about relationships and the opposite sex, TRP has something for everyone.