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Dear Relationship Playbook

I have received several emails on my Myspace account from men that are in their mid to late 30’s. Talking about I like your profile and I was wanting to see if we can talk. How can I not have men of a certain age like mid 30’s and older trying to hit on me by email on Myspace? I have an issue with a big age difference. I am just 26 years old. In the past when I have been out in public I have been approached by mean that are in their late 40’s or in their 50’s. I think it is nasty when a person that age tries to approach- saying do you have kids are you married. I am just thinking you around the same age as my father. You could have kids my age or even grandchildren. I was just surprised by this.

My thoughts…

You mean to tell me there are still active people on Myspace that aren’t musicians or entertainers? Who would’ve known. LOL! But the answer to your question is simple:

You can’t!

Well I take that back. You can if you don’t post any pics up – otherwise you just have to deal with it. The reality is people just look at your pics. It doesn’t matter if you say, “No senior citizens allowed”, several times on your profile., because it’s RARE that someone actually reads it. Even if they did read it, it wouldn’t matter because people make exceptions to their “rules” all the time and guess what?

Everyone thinks they’re the exception

I can’t count the times I’ve heard someone say, “I don’t normally do this”, “This is my first time”, “You’re an exception”, etc. Typically it’s a bunch of BS but because people make exceptions you’ll keep getting the messages.

Quit stressing over it and treat it like spam. Delete it and move on.

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