10 Golden rules for starting a new relationship

By: John Eastham

07It is both exciting and confusing when starting a new relationship. You become anxious when you try to excite your new partner and also you try to be conscious not to ruin the whole thing before it starts by doing the right thing. Since no one wants to tear down what he or she has labored for. Life is unusual, and once in a while we simply need to come up short keeping in mind the end goal to succeed. No one wants to suffer any heart break. Be that as it may, it happens. It is essential to make sense of the contrast between a past experience and a perfect partner. Here are 10 astonishing rules for starting a new relationship. 

  1. Take your time to be acquainted with each other. At the initial stages, numerous couples get together with different friends. It makes it look simpler yet won’t help you become more acquainted with each other. Both of you should pick a day to meet and make sure it is only you two. It will give the ideal chance to become more acquainted with one another better. Spending private time with each other helps both of you to understand each other perfectly and to know what your likes and dislikes are. 
  2. No keeping of destructive secrets. The vast majority of people have a couple of secrets. These secrets are not important to be revealed to your new partner at the beginning of your relationship. Notwithstanding, there are some secrets you have to think carefully about to know which secrets are ideal to be revealed now. Let your partner know if you are still friends with your ex; it will spare your needless argument when your new partner hears you talking to your ex on phone. By doing things like this there will not be any suspicion that you are a cheating partner.
  3. There should be no close marking. Give each other breathing space. Similarly, nobody will want to begin a relationship and see their new partner give them close marking all about. It is crucial to give each other space because it gives both of you an opportunity to acclimate to your new relationship without making any changes to your personality. 
  4. Be straightforward and let your partner become acquainted with the true you. Speak the truth about what you expect and the true meaning of whatever you say. It is more likely for you both not to fight over a senseless misunderstanding when you understand each other well. Being honest helps a new relationship. Let every passing day count and never be reluctant to give your partner a chance to know the true you. Be yourself and never pretend to be who you are not. There is no gain pretending to be someone else. 
  5. Let the future wait. Let your center of interest be on the present when you just start your relationship. Saying things about the future at this early stage is probably going to cause your new partner to be avoiding you, let the future wait. Appreciate the things you have at that present moment and be glad without scrutinizing his choices. 
  6. Make friends with your partner’s friends. You will meet a large number of your new partner’s friends each passing day in your relationship. It not necessary you make them your best friends but it is very important you make them your friends too and coexist with them; your new partner’s friends make a lot of impact in the early stages of a relationship. 
  7. Keep your old friends in mind! Never forget them. Always keep your existing friends in mind because it is very essential. These people have been friends with for quite a long time and they will always be there for you through various challenges. They are the people to turn to for support when your relationship does not work. So never neglect them.  If you just discard them just because you have started a relationship it is not certain if they will be there for when you need them for support. You will keep your friendship alive by spending time with your friends as your relationship progresses. 
  8. Am I comfortable with this in public places? Some individuals are comfortable displaying their love in public while some are not. At the beginning of your relationship you need to make it known to your partner if you are comfortable kissing, holding each other’s hands, hugging, and doing much more in public places.  If you want to make your dating more comfortable, be honest to make your preferences known to each other. Let your partner know what you like to be done with each other in the public and what you dislike to do in the public. Because human beings are different from each other, some may be to kiss, hold each other’s hands, and hug in the public while some people completely hate it. 

9.    Do not be jealous. In any relationship, there should be no room for jealousy. It is common for men and ladies to stare when alluring individual strolls by. However, it will be foolish if you make a fool out of yourself while walking on the street. This act could bring a bad impression about you to your partner if the relationship just got started. It’s alright to be somewhat jealous to demonstrate to him or her that you really care, however not all that much since you’ll frighten your partner off. 

10.   Respect your partner’s privacy. Things considered private in your relationship ought not to be discussed anywhere. Obviously, you can make it known to individuals that you are currently in a relationship which you are happy in. Never tell anyone things that are private but you may tell friends some of your experiences. Your new partner will not like the act of discussing your private life with people. Private things such as your bedroom romance should be private. And also don’t trace number on your partner’s phone.

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