Do women like men?


7243225I’m so happy I got a chance to say thank you to Jennifer Jj Smith on the show. The thing I wanted to say but didn’t (owing to time) is that it’s vital that women enjoy dating and getting to know men. I was having a chat with some great girlfriends recently about the “70% unmarried black women” issue and I’ve noticed that there seemed to be this attitude of blame towards men, about what “they” were doing wrong and how “they” don’t appreciate us women and it occurred to me that (even though we may hate to admit it) many women genuinely don’t LIKE men or TRUST men.

They’ll date them, work with them, sleep with them and want to marry them but deep down they do not love and appreciate men for who they are based on what a few bad apples did. They don’t enjoy the company of men, have a low opinion of them and don’t ALLOW them to be men. It is no secret: men do not like women who dislike men. This is why I love the title of JJ’s book “Why I love men- The Joys of Dating” because until you learn to spend time with, relate to, build up and have authentic friendships with men you will not have fulfilling dating experiences. JJ’s book is a celebration of the men who shaped her life, including the “bad ones” who taught her lessons she learnt from 🙂

Love and Blessings!
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What are your thoughts? Ladies, do you REALLY like men? Fellas do you think the ladies like men? Why or why not?

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