Painting the nite away

One of the downsides of the “smartphone, social media era” is that people can’t seem to put their phone down to enjoy the moment.  If you’re out to dinner, you post a picture of your meal as if your followers can scratch and sniff it. To add to the distraction every few minutes you’re checking to see how many likes and comments your picture got. This isn’t just limited to dining out – people do this no matter the occasion.  How are you going to focus on your date if you’re focusing on your phone.

Try putting down your phone and picking up a paintbrush on a creative date night with Paint Nite.


Paint Nite. is the perfect combination of painting, socializing, and drinks – what else would you need for a fun night out?! You don’t need to be an expert – I’ve been to a couple events and I can’t draw a straight line – much less paint – but I enjoyed myself every time. Local artists and restaurant and bar owners partner together for each event so there’s a good chance you can find a Paint Nite. event locally.

What would make aPaint Nite.even better? A chance to win a VIP Paint Nite package in Miami. South beach… drinks… beautiful people…. Hell yeah! To enter and see all the rules, click here. There is a deadline, so don’t delay.



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