Not Gonna Let You Mess It Up

By: Will Wavvy

My father has taught me so many different things about relationships. Even when he didn’t say anything, just watching him and my mother interact through 40 years of marriage has been priceless. This story sums up everything I’ve learned from my dad – you don’t let anyone mess up your pussy. Your wife is YOUR WIFE. You protect her at all costs and you don’t let anyone interfere in your relationship with her.



Here’s the story…

My parents were getting ready to leave for bible study. Now for those of you that don’t know, my parents have their own church. Ma Dukes is the Pastor and Pops is the co-pastor. Ma Dukes was in their bedroom and Pops was standing in the living room and gave her the signal…

“Hey baby, I’m ready when you are.”
Her response, “Are you gonna get my bag?”

Now it wasn’t so much the words, it was how she said it. She didn’t mean anything by it but her tone came across as, “Ninja, you know the deal. You ain’t ready cuz this bag is back here.Come get it”

I hear that, and you know how I get down… I instigate.

“Hey woman! Is that how you ask someone how to do something? You talking to a grown man up in here and WE (notice how I’m defending all men now, lol) don’t get down like that. You better come correct.” LMAO!

She looks at me (laughing), “I’m not Mrs Waverly right now I’m Pastor Waverly. I run this…”

Pop chimes in, “You know what I’m sayin’ son? She didn’t say, can I, or will I. She’s like are you gonna get my bag – all stuck up like.”

blackcouplearguingWe’re all laughing, but because the men were talking ish, Ma Dukes does what most women would do.

She ignored us and walked to the door. LOL!

OK now this is the part, I need everyone (especially the fellas) to pay close attention to. So here we are, the moment of truth. I give Pops that look that men give each other in this situation. The look that says, “Ninja, where are your balls? I know you’re not going to go out like that. Maan, you better show her who da man is!”

My dad gives me a look as well. It was only a brief second, but all men know what his look was saying, “Do I be a man and let her know what’s up in front of the fellas or risk getting clowned?”

He verbally gave me his choice, “Son, I’m gonna go get that bag.” LOL!

He gets it, and then gives me some parting words of wisdom. Fellas, write this down VER-BA-TIM!

“I’m not gonna let you mess my pussy up!”


“Aww hecks no Pops. I know you ain’t going out like that!”

“Son, remember that tonight when I’m nuttin in your mama and you’re nuttin in your hand.”

Game. Set. Match.

You have to know my parents to know that they joke and talk about sex all the time and Pops is definitely the head of the house. ┬áBut when push comes to shove and he has to make a choice, his wife will win every time – and she should.



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  • You overlook the other side of the equation Cynthia. You first have to be a woman that got “it” like that.

  • Cynthia

    Talk about keepin it 100, that's as real as it Gets! I want a man just like That.

  • Pops is always schooling me on what it REALLY means to be married. I can't wait – it should be a lot of fun.

  • Carmacita

    LMAO everytime I read it…

  • Basee Saka

    I just love this! I'll never tire of reading it.