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Dear TRP

There’s this chick that I’ve been talking to off and on for two years. She’s 8yrs older than me. When we started talking she was in a rocky relationship with her girlfriend of 2yrs. We still talked everyday…all day, whenever her gf wasn’t around. We clicked really well. Well after 3 solid months of talking we finally meet…(mind you we live 800 miles apart) I flew to go see her in her city, it was a nice weekend together, but towards the end it was tainted.

Her girlfriend kept calling and texting her and she knew it was gonna be a mess when she got home. When she finally got home she would barely speak to me, which is understandable. I always kept in touch with her, by sending her gifts for her bday and Mother’s day…& I’ve sent her flowers just because but I wouldn’t call or text because I wanted to respect her “rocky” relationship with her gf…well her and her gf are no longer together.

I reached out to her…a few months after I found out she was single I expressed to her that I still had feelings for her and I asked her how she felt about me. And she said “I feel like I need some more time before I feel like I can answer you.” So I never pressed her we talked rarely, I didn’t want her to feel like I was rushing her. So I let 7 months pass because I’m actually busy myself so I never pressed the issue…and she still hasn’t given me an answer. She won’t just tell me how she feels…she’s keeping me hanging on a string….but I just wanna know how she feels about me so I can move on.

How do I get her to tell me how she feels? What’s your opinions on this?




My thoughts…

She doesn’t like you.

You said you’ve been talking to her for a couple of years I understand the need and insist on getting completely closure from one relationship before going on to the next but she didn’t say she needed closure…

She said she doesn’t even know how she feels.

Which sounds like code for “I don’t like you, but you’re a nice person so maybe I can convince myself to like you”. It doesn’t take long for us to know whether or not we like someone. You don’t have to be in a relationship with someone to know whether you like them or not. She didn’t circle yes or no, she just handed the paper back to you which in my opinion is worse.

Move on.

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