Love is a choice

A simple but important concept that many have difficulty understanding is the difference between falling in love and being in love. Falling in love is that unexplainable feeling of euphoria you get when you first start to really get into someone. The loss of appetite, the excitement, daydreaming about them, etc. You have no control over your feelings or emotions, you just experience them.

Love is different. It’s what happens after those feelings subside and in most cases when the real relationship begins. Love is a choice.

Love is a choice

You simply choose to love someone or you don’t. You choose to be with them or you don’t. If you think love isn’t a choice then imagine if your partner did whatever you think is the most heinous thing a person can do to you. For me it’d be hurting my child in some despicable way. Once you find out about it, do you think you’d still love that person?

Probably not. In fact you’d cross that thin line and would hate that person. Why? Because you choose to hate and not love them.

Apply that to your relationships. Doesn’t it feel better to know that your partner loves and is with you for no other reason than they CHOOSE to? It isn’t because of some unexplainable feeling or emotion that could disappear at any moment. You’ve made and are continuing to make the conscious decision to love and be there.

The point of all that is for today’s Relationship Play of the Day, I want you to do something out of the ordinary for your partner—something that proves (to you and to them) that your love is based on your choice and nothing else. Do something you don’t like doing, but your partner would prefer for you to do, just to show them you’re doing it because you choose to love them and this is an example of your love.

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