You don’t deserve love

I was having a conversation with someone about her past relationships and suddenly, she starts crying and yells,

“Why can’t I find true love? I deserve it, dammit!”

I let her continue, while she gave me her resume’:


Woman chasedI look good, real good.

I’m successful.

I have a wonderful career.

I make a very high income.

I own my home, and the cars in my driveway.

I love to take care of my man in every way.

I’m a good person with a wonderful heart and I just want to love and be in love.


Wow, that’s a great resume’. You sound like the perfect catch, but you still haven’t told me, Why do you deserve love?!


I know this is going to be a shock to you, but your credentials or relationship resume’ doesn’t mean squat.

Just because you look good, doesn’t mean, “Mr/Mrs. Wonderful” is going to come looking for you.

You don’t find a partner just because you’re successful and have a high income… not unless you want a sugar baby.

You don’t find your ideal partner, just because you have a big heart and are a good person.

There is no such thing as falling in love, simply because you “deserve” to.


Have you ever gotten a job by simply showing your resume’?

Did you get your wonderful career and high income by just sitting on your ass and waiting for your boss to find a reason to give you a promotion?

Have you ever gotten anything worthwhile, just because?

Probably not.


So why should love be any different?


Why do you think love should just appear magically, like there really is a half naked, cupid running around, shooting “deserving” people with his arrows?

No work on your part. No mistakes. No bad relationships.

Just simply, “Hi Tom. I’m Jane. You’re my soul mate. Let’s get married and be happy forever.”

Sounds foolish doesn’t it?

P - I Don't Deserve You

Love is no different than everything else worthwhile that you’ve gotten.

It takes work, hard work. And just when you think you’ve worked enough…

Love will tell you to work some more.


If it makes you feel any better, look at it like this.

You haven’t failed a bunch of times at finding love…

You just found a bunch of ways that don’t work for finding love.

So pick yourself up. Evaluate what you’re doing. Realize it isn’t working and have the courage to change it.


Falling in love is easy. Learn how to stay in love.

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