#Dear TRP: I’good-dick-will-imprison-you.american-apparel-unisex-tank.white.w760h760m actually sad, scared, and embarrassed to say this but I am obsessed with a guy.

OK, he broke my virginity at 16. I’m 23 now and we still mess around. I only mess around with him when I feel needed by him.  Apart from that he hardly comes to see me. I have strong feelings for him but his ain’t as strong.  To make a long story short, how do I get over this guy?  I catch myself thinking about him, wanting him, wanting him to want me, but I know this is never gonna happen. Part of the problem as well is that he sexes me sooo good, which other guys just can’t do. I find myself always comparing other guys to this guy, and they can never match up, so I end up going back to him. I feel stupid typing this. and it is clear that I have issues. How do I deal with them and get over this guy?

A confused young lady


My thoughts…

All it takes is 3 easy steps.

First, stop effin him. You’re obsessed with his dick, not him.

Second, if you want closure, start with your legs.

Third, stop effin him. You’re obsessed with his dick, not him.

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