Health benefits of video games

By: Michael Onimbo

As a woman there is nothing as bad as coming home after a hard day and your bf has had a bad day also. You see, in his face your man is not really in the mood also he gives you the bad eye showing you he just wants to relax. All you can do is let him play a video game  be patient while you take a bath and relax. There are undeniable facts that a video game do help with stress, for me it did help during bad and stressful days if a celebrity like Mila Kunis can play call of duty to reduce stress then you can allow your man to play. And those bad days can be from your girl, she might be angry with you for no reason and not in the mood, but by playing a video game giving her space it does help. Because not being able to deal with that huge amount of stress will lead to high blood pressure and so on lead to erectile dysfunction. Impotence is not only an old man thing young men can be also affected because of not being able to deal with stress.

So as women I know you can be also going through your stuff from work, maybe you also have an asshole for the boss or your work mates are sexually harassing you or you are facing some form of discrimination at work. But the key is always to try to be patient with the situation and you can have a talk to your bf about how your work situation is after he has played some video games. IF he likes video games buy him one to let him vent his frustration through the game and during this time you can take a nice bath, relax and then watch that favorite TV show you like or listen to some relaxing music.

For me personally after playing the video game, it would lift my spirits if I am having a bad day but it would also hurt thumbs I think I am following Matthew Perry example for playing games too much until my thumbs get hurt. But to be honest with you I would have a bad day all because this girl I liked so bad would shout at me for no reason at times but we hanged out a lot like a lot.

playing video gamesIf she was not shouting at me she would be snapping at me for no reasons but I knew it was boyfriend problems. Eventually she would come down when she came to see me, I don’t know which relaxation techniques I used, but when she talked to me after sometime she would calm down. I cooked for her just to make her feel special and she would apologize for what happened during the day. We later talked in my room and she told me a bunch of stuff about how bad her boyfriend was treating her and seriously, it really broke my heart having to love someone so much but at the end of the day she would just shout at me. I know this is a pussy move, but when I went to sleep, I would count the hours to the next day when I would see her because with her everything just felt I could go through tough times with her as long as she was there with me. For me that pain of the heart where I could not have her really made me at times take to drinking. I know it’s not good to drink too much, but games helped and drinking helped, but the pain of the heart is like something really painful you never forget the person but the pain goes away eventually after a very long time.

And at times she would notice that I would be drinking, she would tell me to stop which I would but I would start again when at times the pain in my heart was too much to deal with. I know many of you are laughing at my ass, but when you truly find that someone that your heart truly loves its like you’re in some bubble and nothing else matters, all I was thinking of was making sure I had a smile on her face. But after I had played the video game and blown some steam off I was in a good mood, so I would not be angry with her or just watching a horror movie just ease some stress away. But it might not sound much, but just being able to channel my frustrations somewhere else really helped for me. Because you know if you’re not careful with such frustrations in the long run will lead to your man not being in the mood to satisfy your sexual needs and in severe cases it can lead to erectile dysfunction which is very dangerous as it can lead to your break in your relationship.

How Video games reduce stress and depression

There are times as a man you just need to unwind and not think about stressful deadlines or a fight you had with your friend. There are times I would remember I would just walk her to some place and maybe her friend would be there sometimes, but on a good day she would just tell me to go do something else.

Which I found really humiliating, but I was a bit of a pussy then, but I am still a pussy when it comes to her. But after that I would go home, maybe watch a horror movie which I do enjoy which would lift up my spirits and reduce some anxiety, but at the end of the day she would call me to hang out after that humiliation.

But to be honest the horror movies and video games helped reduce my stress levels but I have to be honest with you just being with her spending time with her was like no remedy or relaxation techniques have ever had games aside and movies there is nothing as beautiful when you find someone who you love that when you are around that person all your pain goes away. Just comforting her when things go bad with her bf was nothing in this world I have ever felt. 

couple playing games

Video games provide pain relief 

Video Games act as distractions from physical pain, for example, you had a long shift like for 12 hours that can be long and your body will feel tired. But just being able to play for an hour made me forget what a hectic day it was for me.

Video games can improve your vision

Shooting games like call of duty do help to improve your vision as a player has to have maximum concentration when playing the game. If a player is not very careful with will lead to certain death in the game . 

Video games, improve your decision-making skills

For some ladies think that video games are lame and don’t have much benefit. But for some video games like call of duty is a game with a  lot of action. So the player has to make decisions which will impact on his success of how far he goes in the game. For the ladies it means that your man will be able to make better decisions at home and that will help your relationship.

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