Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


Whether you’ve been with your partner for two weeks or 20 years, Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that can trip you up in any number of ways. Your wallet is still recovering from the aftermath of the Christmas holiday season and the thought of an expensive dinner and gift has your wallet screaming for mercy. However picking out a Valentine’s Day gifts for her does not have to be complicated, or cause you to have to sell your first born.

Roses are the safe choice; however, you’re taking the easy way out. You aren’t limited to roses for your Valentine’s day gift of course. One of the best options is simply to get your lady her favorite flowers. This indicates that you actually remember what type she prefers and you want her to have her favorite. If she doesn’t have a favorite, then at least choose flowers in her favorite color.

If you have no idea what to get her and if you’re like me and detest shopping at the mall, shopping online at stores such as, The Bradford Exchange, is a great source of ideas.  But regardless if you choose roses, flowers, or some other gift, they should be complimentary. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be about the gift, but about the experience.

Sure she’ll appreciate the custom jewelry you bought her, but she’ll remember the story of how you presented it to her long after the jewelry has been replaced by another gift. Combine just the right gift, with the perfect experience and you’ll give her a Valentine’s Day she’ll remember for years to come.

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  • Diane @ AJFashionJewellery

    I think it doesn’t matter how much time has passed since you have met your partner, the important thing is that you love and respect each other. However, after many years together you have to be a little creative to keep the spark on.

  • Irene @ PaintedSouvenirs

    Roses are the safe choice, indeed, but she would like it more if you gave her a bouquet of her favourite flowers. If there is still some money in your wallet, you could also give her a photo of you two transformed into a painting. Now that will defnitely amaze her.