Tired of Being Tired

Dear TRP: I am hurting. I am in love with this guy that had proposed to me and I found out that he had proposed to 2 other females also. And I forgave him. I  found out that one of the females is pregnant. I decided to try and move on with this relationship and found out that he is back to the same thing. I am tired of being alone. I want to be happy. I am tired of crying everyday I am tired of hurting and feeling like a nobody I am just tired.

My thoughts…

stressed black womanLove…Is a great but at the same time a bitter pill because love will excuse a lot.  This is why it is so important to have a balance between your heart and your head.  While your heart will excuse, your head can not give excuse, when there is balance.  If there is no balance and you are just being led by your heart, then your head will begin to give excuses as to why certain actions are acceptable when you know good and well they are not!

Relationships…While is it great to have a companion around, you must be very careful not to lose yourself in the relationship.  The danger in losing yourself is that you now become defined by the relationship, but also you feel lost without it.  I am not saying that we don’t get lonely sometimes, but the loneliness should not get you to the point that you are not okay with being by yourself until someone can come along that will respect your relationship, honor you as a woman and cherish the jewel that he got.  Find your strength!!!
You say that you are tired, however there a difference between saying it and really being it!  When you are really tired, you won’t allow inexcusable behaviors.
If we are real we all have had some situations take place that when we look back we say, “Why did I let that happen”? The thing that would help me snap back to reality is I said to myself…

“Games are for recess, rides are for amusement parks, and silly rabbit, tricks are for kids”!

Hope this helps.  You can email your relationship questions/challenges to: deartrp@relationshipplaybook.com

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