The Break

By Nick Campbell:

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: ” Oh, my boyfriend? We’re on a break right now” The resulting blank stare you gave this person was natural. It deserves the most strident gas face you’ve ever given. Why? Because what the f%*@* is a break? Well, apparently there is a trend happening where couples take a “break” from the relationship. During these said breaks it seems to be a mutual and unofficial agreement that whatever goes and is without consequence. But is it? Take the situation with Dwyane Wade and the rapper Ludacris, two celebrities involved in very public breaks. While on these so called breaks, they both fathered children outside of the relationship. Now mind you in most situations a guy would be toast on the relationship front. But with the rich and famous they tend to get more passes than your average joe. So the question becomes “what would you do?” in a situation where a break produces a baby? Would you be able to forgive? How would you move on from something like that? What’s more disturbing is how these guys being celebrities helped them to avoid any kind of consequences. Since You and I are not rich and powerful, we actually have to be accountable for our choices.


Are “breaks” legit?

young couple

If a partner came to you and told you this how would you react? Is this not the same as breaking up in general? I can’t think of any scenario in where a person can come to you and express the desire to take a break. I’d take that as them ending the relationship effective immediately. But it appears some people are ok with this and will welcome the person back into the fold. Could you?

Do transgressions that happen on a break count?


Babies aside do other counts of indiscretion go against someone who took a break? Or is the said break merely an excuse to go out and do what one pleases? I suppose you could argue it’s akin to being in an open relationship if only brief in nature. But could you forgive or otherwise look away from what a partner did while off on a break? Most wouldn’t but what’s really ironic is how money and fame changes people’s perspective. You can bet a brotha who works at Target will not get the same pass as Ludacris or Dwayne Wade. Guarantee..


How do you handle someone approaching you about a break?

That’s something you’ll need to consider in this new age of dating. For some reason many people are becoming comfortable with the concept, rightly or wrongly. The ideal relationship would have these issues worked out prior to any break being needed in the first place. That’s the key in avoiding this new messy way of getting what really comes down to simply….. “space.”


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