5 Apps To Improve Your Relationship

From the bedside table, your cell phone shrills its morning alarm. You roll out of your sweetie’s arms, grab your phone and, with your eyes half open, pull up your email and calendar. You stumble into your closet, sidestepping your honey and open your weather app to figure out what to wear. You pass by him in the hallway and, realizing you are going to be late, use your traffic app to figure out how to get to work on time. In the kitchen you mumble good morning, and deciding there is no time to make coffee, use your phone to find a coffee shop along your route. Moments later you look up from your phone as you hear the door slam and you realize that he left without saying goodbye or reminding you that he loves you. If only there were an app for rekindling romance. Happily, with power new smartphones from retailers like T-Mobile, and a few great apps, the tools to improve your relationship are in the palm of your hand.

1. Open Ended Questions

No matter if you are still getting to know each other or if you have years of history, sometimes it can be hard to find things to talk about all the time. Don’t get stuck in a conversational rut consisting only of, “What do you want for dinner?” and “How was your day?” This app, which is available on iPhones for $1.99, suggests unique and revealing open-ended questions that will get the conversation flowing. With 50 different questions, you won’t run out of conversation ground any time soon.

2. Couple

Think of this app as social media just for the two of you. Available on both iPhone and Android, this app has a wide range of features that range from playful to productive. Within your shared channel you and your honey can collaborate on a to-do list, build a private timeline of shared moments, send private messages and disappearing photos and even draw sketches together in real time. And since the app is free, you can stick a little more money away for date night.

Theres an App for that3. Fix A Fight

Even in healthy, happy relationships, arguments happen. It’s just part of the process of getting to know each other and building a life together. But, sometimes in the heat of the moment, it’s hard to say why you’re angry and refocus on repairing the problem. Fix A Fight, which is available for iPhones for $4.99, helps spatting couples to differentiate between emotions like tired, overwhelmed and confused, and then identify the root of the issues. The app, developed by a Licensed Social Worker, then guides the couple through recovering from the clash. The app will also allow you to track when and where arguments occur in order to find patterns and break the cycle.

4. Better Half

Planning your next date night just got a lot easier. Forgot looking up movie times and restaurant reviews on websites. For just $0.99 on iPhones, this app combines all of that, plus it allows you to send a date invite to your special someone, sync schedules, record your favorite eateries and buy tickets all in one spot.

5. Between

Between, which is free for iPhones, is a scrapbook of your relationship. Use it to remember special moments by creating a photo album and shared calendar, accessible by only the two of you. It also keeps tracks of birthdays and anniversaries and provides a private chat channel.

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