By: Montique Stephon

Physical intimacy with one’s partner is an important fact of one’s life and the concept of physical intimacy is as old as human existence. The quest for intense physical intimacy with one’s partner has been sought after throughout the ages and has given birth to various concepts about the same.

In the United States and many places around the world, there is not a culture for instruction on intimacy so there is no methodology for practice and improvement.

Today it is such a toss up about what indicators create a good partner.

Earlier, it was a general notion that physical intimacy can be learned through watching porn, reading books on the subject, discussing with friends and investigating positions. We believe that unless there is functional training process to build muscle memory then whatever is being learned is actually temporary knowledge.

Physical intimacy is a skill like any other and in order to become proficient at any skill, you have to devote time to sharpening it it. Once you have mastered a skill, you feel confident about you; after all you have something to flaunt about in the world. Every skill is respectable and increases your worth. The more you learn positive things, the more you feel confident about you, adding more to self-worth and self-respect. The world looks at you with respect and that further increases your confidence, making your life happy, content and peaceful.


To promote confidence and success in this we Zenity has worked to create new concepts around sexercise, the self-described P90X of sex, it’s a workout that engage and build the rhythm, strength and stamina to steadily increase ones sensual capacity.

The movements are all bodyweight driven and are analogous to dance as they are pervaded by the elements of rhythm and spontaneity.  Instead of catering to isolated muscles; they work on various muscles in groups, thus making the exercise more effective providing balance, agility, flexibility, core stability and correct posture to the body as a whole.

These movements are taught incrementally and each come with detailed descriptions that outline how they might be used during intimacy and how to link them with other movements so ultimately when used within a relationship they are an expression of internal feelings and expression based upon a practical foundation.

With each and every workout people come to improve on existing skill sets and building on new ones as additions to their libraries. In understanding the inner sensual power that the person holds and the fit and strong body to match the interconnected ideals of mental relaxation, reorganization of your true self and positive body image / self-concept all are enhanced.

No matter what kind of sexercise that you participate in our findings have indicated that when it comes to sexual confidence there is nothing better. Additionally when it comes to fitness it is the only kind in the world where you see results the first day, or should we say first night J

Viva sexercise!



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