Create a Bedroom Staged for Cuddling

Love may conquer all, but it doesn’t hurt to stack the odds in your favor. Encourage that special someone to throw caution to the wind by inviting him into the sanctuary of a bedroom that’s warm, dimly lit, and full of cozy corners for snuggling.

Accessorize your space without emptying your wallet by shopping for Cyber Monday sales at Macy’s or your other favorite home stores. Use these tips to turn your ho-hum bedroom into an inviting sanctuary where two hearts can collide in comfort.

Warm Colors for Warm Hearts

Rich warm colors –shades such as red, orange or burgundy — bring the walls of a space closer together. Use variations of these on the walls of your bedroom when you want to create a cozy, intimate environment. If whole walls painted in these dark, romantic colors seem too smothering, use wall art, collections and draperies to incorporate them into the space instead.

Couple CuddlingLuxurious Fabrics For Cuddling

Echo your bold color statements in luxurious fabrics placed around the room as accessories. Everything from beds to overstuffed chairs to dresser tops will benefit from a little dressing up. Opt for comfort by softening up hard lines. Try a folded contemporary quilt made from velvet atop a wooden chest, a lacy scarf covering the top of your dresser. Little details like these can give the overall appearance of sumptuous comfort without pretension. Invest in fabrics that lend themselves to a romantic tryst. Velvet, silk, satin and even more modern offerings like micro-suede and fleece make inviting snuggling places for soul mates to intertwine.

The Scent of Stimulation

Don’t forget about staging your bedroom’s aroma. Aroma has a strong impact on the way you feel, and certain scents affect people in different ways. The scent of clementine, for instance, with all it’s fruity goodness has been shown to increase happiness while providing a stimulating effect on the senses. Vanilla bean, on the other hand, evokes the same euphoria but in a relaxing and calming manner, as found. Ask yourself whether you want to stimulate your date or relax him, and aromatize your bedroom accordingly.

Mood Lighting

Lighting is another important factor in whether you’ll spend the evening curled comfortably together — too much assaults the senses and too little makes it hard to communicate effectively with someone you really want to get to know. Play it safe and go with soft, dim lighting. This type of illumination eliminates harsh shadows, adds an element of mystery and sets a quiet, relaxing mood. You might even change out the bulbs for something with a lower wattage or swap out the shades for darker-colored ones. If overhead light is the only option, leave it off and scatter an array of candle groupings throughout the space — nothing too gothic or overwhelming. Make sure you have matches at the ready. Nothing kills a mood like the embarrassment of a date rooting through the disorganization of your kitchen junk drawers.

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