Dumb Mistakes People Make Online When Dating

Nothing is sacred in the world of dating. Every photo, text message, IM and voicemail you send to your sweetheart is potential ammunition for revenge or humiliation if and when you break his or her heart.

It goes without saying to be careful what you share with the world through social media channels, but you cannot control what other people share about you. You can, however, adopt smart practices when you’re searching for ‘The One.’

When Should I Friend the New Love Interest?

If you’re not exclusive, and both of you are dating other people, hold off on the social media connections. You don’t need to see photos of each other in social situations with other people, and it’s nice to keep that air of mystery as you get to know each other. Facebook is like a giant scrapbook of everything you’ve done since you started your account. You wouldn’t tell the other person your life story on your first date, so don’t share the social media stuff until you know each other better.

Also, take inventory of what you’ve posted. If you made the mistake of bashing an ex, you might want to wait until you’ve posted enough updates to push that ugliness off your page. Bashing your ex online is not an attractive trait.

Answer: Wait until you are comfortable with him/her knowing those details about your life.


How Soon Is It OK to Change My Relationship Status?

Gizmodo’s Dr. Debby says one week is way too soon. One month is too soon. The first six months to a year of a relationship is the getting-to-know-you phase, where everything is exciting and new, but setting a timeline is hard to do. Some relationships move fast (and have a higher rate of failure), while others take a snail’s pace.

The biggest mistake you can make is changing your status to “in a relationship” too soon and scaring off this potential life mate.

Answer: You may change your social media status when:

  • You’ve met your significant other’s parents, family and best friends, and are introduced as the boyfriend/girlfriend
  • The two of you have talked about a future together

Until then, if you want the world to know you’re not looking to connect, hide your relationship status completely.

How Soon Is It OK to Post Pics of Us Together?

This is hard to answer, because you can’t control what other people post. You can, however, control what images they tag you in. In the early stages, keep it benign and only post funny video and pics of you in group settings or at social events.

Answer: Those selfie photos that say “we’re a couple” should wait until you’re exclusive and both of you are ready to tell the world about each other.

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