5 Reasons Couples with Pets Are More Likely to Stay Together

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If you’re on the fence about getting a pet with your significant other, consider the effects on your relationship longevity. According to the U.K.’s Marriage Foundation, a joint pet is a better indicator that a relationship will last than a child. The University at Buffalo also discovered similar results after interviewing 240 couples. The couples caring for dogs or cats experienced closer and more satisfying relationships and marriages than couples without pets.

Pets come with a certain commitment, but they typically come with less stress and constraint than caring for a baby. Plus, you get their unconditional love and companionship right from the start. Here are five reasons why couples with pets last for the long-haul.

You Share a Common Love

Couples often have conflicting interests, from sports to travel to nightlife. But a pet focuses your shared attention on care, training and fun. It doesn’t take research to intuitively know pets and owners develop a special bond. But just in case you aren’t convinced, a 12,000-year-old human skeleton was found in Israel with its hand resting on a wolf pup, according to News In Health.

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Sasha Obama, Malia Obama, BoPets Lower Your Stress Level

Relationships and marriages are stressful enough because of having to balance finances, work and a love life all at the same time. But owning a pet can actually help reduce your stress levels. Studies show people with high blood pressure who own pets stay more calm during stressful situations than those without.

Pets Keep You Healthier

But it’s not just stress levels that improve with pet ownership. You could actually help your overall health just by caring for a pet. Pets often promote an active lifestyle, and living with pets has been found to even make babies healthier, according to TIME magazine.

Pets can also help you recover from serious illness. Studies also show pet owners suffering from a heart attack live up to a year longer than those without furry friends at home, according to the American Heart Association.

Pets Improve Your Mood

It’s easy to bring a bad mood home from the office, but pets can help boost your mood in minutes. Even watching fish swim around their tank can help you feel better about life. Cuddling your dog or cat can help release serotonin, which improves feelings of well-being.

Caring and loving a pet also helps keep depression at bay and gives the caretaker something to focus on other than their sorrows.

Pets Help Couples Work Together as a Team

Talk to your significant other about making the leap into pet ownership as a team. Make a resource and shopping list of your needs, and talk with a vet about a plan for your pet’s care. Whether you need dog doors from petsafe.net, or cat food from a local healthy pet store, it’s important to plan ahead to make the transition into pet ownership as smooth as possible.

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