Distracted Love

By Nick Campbell:

As if relationships aren’t hard enough, enter in the amount of things that distract us and you’ve got a bigger challenge. Things like careers, kids, social media and many more can be a headache. Here’s why: If you’re trying to build a relationship with someone and let’s say you’re really wrapped up in your career. Naturally, your drive to succeed will push you harder than usual. But your relationship suffers as a result. So the career is the distraction to your relationship. However, in some cases the relationship can be a distraction to the career. It all depends on what takes priority in your life. For the sake argument though, let’s assume the relationship is the priority. Sometimes as parents our obligations can take away focus from our relationships. It’s not a right or wrong thing to be dedicated to family. It is what it is, but how can we manage those distractions and balance the home life and love life? It’s a constant challenge many singles face out there. But what are the most common distractions in dating?


Our Friends..


Fellas, How many times have you noticed a pattern of the following: Your woman’s friend gets married. All of the sudden you’re having conversations about marriage and they keep increasing in frequency. Sound familiar? Kind of like that baby itch that some women get when a lot of their friends are having babies. Marriage will start this internal competition between girlfriends, although they’ll never admit this! But what’s more important is to not let it become a distraction. What works for others doesn’t mean it will work for you. Marriage is supposed to be genuine and not pressured. Don’t get distracted worried about what others are doing.


Our Family..

Parents mean well and to a certain extent we trust their judgement. But many will be distracted by the pursuit of trying to earn their parents approval. They’ll get with types that don’t mesh well with them for the sake of parental approval. This is distraction because while you’re doing all of that, the one who is right for you will slip right past you. Trying to appease family will put blinders on you and keep you single. Sometimes it’s best to trust your gut and go with what works for you.


Social Media..


The mother of all distractions: Social media. The facebook wall wars and subliminal messages. The twitter fights and myspace breakups that happen in public view. Or the flirtatious conversation that gets aired out and confronted for the viewing pleasure of nosy folks. Couples keeping tabs on what each other is doing and arguing about what they see. The distractions go on and on. It’s a never ending cycle of negativity that can come out of social media. It’s filled with so many land mines and pitfalls there’s too many to list. The best way to avoid getting caught up in the distraction is clear and open communication. It’s easier said than done, however, due to the nature of social media. But it’s the only way to avoid getting swept away in this ever evolving sink hole of a distraction known as social media.

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