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Before marriage, it is important to participate in activities with your partner that will help you know if the one you are dating is the one to spend the rest of your life with. Sure, there are classes for couples and other things you can do, but think outside the box and choose something that is out of the ordinary. A motorcycle trip can be a great way to connect with your future spouse to determine if you have what it takes to make a marriage work.

How Can a Motorcycle Trip Help My Relationship?

A motorcycle tour offers several benefits to couples who are dating and planning to become engaged. You and your partner can disconnect from the stress of everyday life and enjoy nature and simplicity. You can get away from the constant demands and opinions of others and make decisions about your relationship together. You can see new things and relax. If you choose to take one motorcycle, you’ll get the closeness that comes from riding with your arms wrapped around each other for hundreds of miles.

How Do We Get Started?

First, you have to have the proper endorsement on your driver’s license to be allowed to operate a motorcycle in your state. Most states require that you complete a safety course to get this endorsement. You can find a list of motorcycle safety courses in your area by checking with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. After you obtain the endorsement, it’s time to get your gear.

Couple on MotorcycleWhat Do We Need?

Well, obviously, the most important item you need for this trip is a motorcycle. If you don’t own one, rent one. A quick online search should find one in your area. You also need the proper protective equipment for both of you: boots, gloves and helmets. Chaps and vest or jacket are also advised, but not mandatory. You also need enough clothing and supplies for the duration of the trip. Bike Bandit can help you get everything you need to ride safely, including proper tires, shocks and filters; along with accessories like rider bags, locks and covers.

Where Should We Go?

There are countless motorcycle trips to take. Plan a route that transverses beautiful scenery in your area. Add in overnight stops at quaint B&Bs or resorts. You can choose to camp out for added closeness with your partner; but adding a tent and camping supplies on your motorcycle can load you down and is not advisable for new riders.

How Long Should a Trip Be?

The length of your trip depends upon your schedules and what you can afford. A full weekend gives you plenty of time to connect, but may not be enough time once you make preparations and get on the road. A full week is just right if you can get away from real life for that long.

A motocycle trip is a great way to get away from the stresses of the world and connect on a close, intimate level with your partner. It’s also a very affordable vacation, as there aren’t a lot of expenses associated with riding and taking in fresh air and scenery. After your trip, you will find that you are much closer with your partner and you will have a clearer outlook on your relationship.

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