Breaking Free

By Nick Campbell:

What keeps people trapped in abusive or otherwise unhealthy relationships? From the outside looking in, many of us wonder what’s stopping these people from moving on. Without knowing people’s internal struggles it’s kind of hard to say. Because of that it’s easy for us to speculate on what’s keeping them put. If we are to get to the bottom of it, I’d say you’d need to understand what keeps most people in any relationship, let alone a tumultuous one. Did you ever deal with someone who you know wasn’t good for you, but you stayed way longer than you should have? Well, you might understand! But for those who haven’t, let’s examine a few shall we?




Ahh how can we forget about sex? Remember the “Power of the pole?” Its been known to keep a few people tied to the past. Good sex has been the anchor of many peoples boats. They can’t escape the temptation of good sex because some of us feel as if that good sexual chemistry is somehow rare. But is it? Do you really believe that bad situation you’re in is worth the hassle because no one else can sex you good as them? This is a common struggle for many of us!

The partner.. 


Sometimes the partner themselves play a direct role in the problem. Let’s be frank, some people are manipulative. So this selfishness leads some to keep a person reeled in. Why? Maybe it’s the convenience you bring them. Maybe they’re attached to the sex as well. For some it’s financial, or perhaps another crutch you provide them. Whatever the reason it is, be careful not to fall into the trap.


Our friends.. 

Side profile of a woman whispering in her friend's ear in university

Our friends don’t necessarily keeps us in bad relationships. If anything they’ll try their hardest to get us out of them. However, their respective healthy relationships can sometimes influence our unhealthy ones. How? We’ll make the most impossible and incompatible relationships endure to try to keep pace with theirs. The dating version of keeping up with the Joneses. In any case it’s unhealthy. Something to ponder..

In order to break free from an unhealthy relationship, it takes a lot of self confidence. It takes that moment of clarity, the glance in the mirror where you finally say what the hell am I doing? You’ll come to realize the choice is yours, the power to move on comes from within. It won’t come from your friends, a Facebook rant, or even your family. It starts with you…

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