Early Planning For Your Proposal

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When it comes to planning a proposal, most people think first about two very important things: when to pop the question, and how to word it. Naturally, the timing and method of a proposal are absolutely crucial, and deserve a great deal of advance consideration. But, these aren’t the only factors you’ll have to plan when you’re preparing to propose! Here are a few other things you’ll have to think about as you approach the major milestone of engagement.

Who Are You Going To Tell?

This is a tricky decision to make, and of course a personal one. However, it’s also worth giving some careful thought to. Some people like to tell a few close friends and family members before proposing. Others like to fallow a more traditional model and respectfully ask the permission of their partner’s parents before proposing. And of course, some like to keep everybody guessing, and tell no one until after the proposal. Give some advance thought to these options so that you can plan accordingly.

How Can You Find The Right Ring?

Engagement RingThis is of course one of the most difficult factors in your proposal, and should involve a great deal of research and shopping comparison. There are, however, ways you can make the process easier on yourself. First, consider shopping online, as well as in stores. This can be helpful because in stores it’s hard to compare options, understand customizations, and do your own thinking (as a salesperson is usually breathing down your neck!). At 77diamonds.com, on the other hand, you can easily customize and compare options for a more dynamic shopping experience. This is just one helpful tip – but of course, most of the ring shopping process is up to you, your partner, and your personal preferences (and budget).

How Surprising Should It Be?

This ties in to some extent with the question about who you’re going to tell. But, it also relates very specifically to your partner. In some relationships, engagement is discussed at length, the the point that the actual proposal becomes essentially a romantic formality. In other relationships, the proposal is a total surprise! This depends largely on the structure of your relationship, and your comfort level with your partner. But, as soon as you start to think about proposing, you should start deciding whether or not you want to keep that desire secret.

Public Or Private?

Finally, location comes into play. Choosing where to propose is its own issue, and one of the more important decisions you’ll make. But you can make that decision a bit easier by first imagining whether you want your proposal to be private, or public. Some like the idea of making more of a spectacle about it – proposing in a public place where the people around you will cheer when your partner says “yes.” Others prefer a more intimate setting where the two of you can enjoy the occasion together. Your preference here will help to shape some of your other decisions.

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