Relationship Lessons from HIMYM

Here we are revving up for the ninth and final season of the long-running sitcom “How I Met Your Mother.” Add this show to the Murtaugh list (Ted’s list of all the things he is now too old to do) because these characters are set to say their goodbyes this September. It’s a sad time, but let’s find the silver lining here. What did we takeaway from this show and it’s characters?

While Marshall and Lily stayed the course as the sitcom’s go-to couple we all can count on, Barney reveled in his conquests, while Ted and Robin dance near, back-and-forth with one another and many, many others. All of this relationship mayhem had to teach us a thing or two about love, dating and the search for “the one.”

As you spend the rest of your summer reviewing your DVDs to once again experience all the triumphs and defeats of this group’s adventures in love, as well as trying to imagine just how Ted will meet finally “the mother” in question, take note of the relationships that give you warm fuzzies, heebie jeebies or a fever for more.

“How I Met Your Mother” image by FAN THE FIRE Magazine via Flickr.

You Can Meet the Love of Your Life in College: Marshall and Lily aka Marshmallow and Lilypad

Cynics, lay down your arms, and go ahead and pick up a puppy to cuddle. Marshall and Lily were a match made in heaven from their early days in college where they met. From marching bands at the airport to psychic conversations to simply being each other’s best friends, these two are perfect for each other. Of course, they are by no means perfect characters on their own, but they do love, support and forgive each other through it all. Strong relationships take time to develop, and this is no exception.

Never Say “I Love You” on the First Date: Robin and Ted

From the moment Ted spotted Robin across MacLaren’s Bar, he was smitten and knew she was “the one.” And wouldn’t you know he told her that on their first date, which turned out to be a date-killer for Robin. It’s hard to tell if Ted having used some restraint would have made things ultimately turn out any differently, but it definitely got things off to a rocky start with the pair. At the end of the first season, however, Robin and Ted’s attraction couldn’t be denied and led to the second season’s fun look at Ted and Robin as a couple. After their breakup at the end of the season, things get a little sketchy with their on-again-off-again tendencies. Ted’s relationship with Robin is an interesting one because we already know she isn’t “the mother.” Sometimes everyone else can see what’s really going on, but ultimately it is you who makes the decisions. Just try to make smart ones.

Be Awesome: Barney Stinson

While Barney probably wouldn’t admit it; he has been hurt. But that doesn’t keep Barney from dusting himself off, suiting up and starting all over again. From birth, the scoundrel we know, laugh and cringe over has always lived up to his credo of “When I’m sad, I stop being sad and be awesome.” He does this through the true love of his life is his friendship and sense of family with Robin, Ted, Marshall and Lily. Friendship is just important as a relationship. It remains to be seen how awesome and legendary he and Robin will be together, but the ninth season, which you can make sure you get to watch by going to, should be a great ride for everyone.

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