By Nick Campbell:

Aphrodisiac: Something that causes sexual desires. It originates from the Greek legend of Aphrodite, the goddess of sexuality and love. In today’s terms she’s represented through a chocolate bar or a lightly scented man. Cologne, chocolate, and oysters are all familiar symbols of aphrodisiacs. Some may even see intelligence or even spirituality as a natural aphrodisiac. It’s not so much about the physical when it comes to the sexual energy we give.  A lot of times this energy will come from traits we all have. Sometimes it’s the surroundings, like an example of the man setting the mood with candles and aromatherapy.  Maybe some romantic tunes in the background with your lady coming out in the sexiest teddy she has in the closet. But in some cases there are particular things that can act as a natural aphrodisiac.





Weddings are infamous for providing an atmosphere of hooking up. It’s a simple formula because if you put single women in the presence of love what do you get? It’s no secret many hook ups happen at wedding receptions and engagement parties. Perhaps it’s the concept of one day getting the same thing. Love… That in itself can be a very powerful turn on to women. Fellas, it’d serve you right to be at the tail end of it. Lesson learned for single men? Go to more weddings!!


What works for you?

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Some people love oysters, scents, and for some music works the best. Personally, I dig intelligence and confidence. But what drives you? What turns those lights on inside you? Is it the setting? Or is it more to do with the person? You’d be surprised at what drives others. I was even more surprised to read about how grief can trigger sexual emotions in people. I can see how that would work. A breakup, death, or other life events can really trigger intense feelings. Some people will look to fill that void with sexuality whether right or wrong. I’m sure it happens more often then not.

Something to think about…


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