5 Tips on How To Text Her

That smartphone holds a lot of power. It can be a deal-making — or on the flip side, deal-breaking — dating tool. Daters know that the smartphone plays heavily in determining whether or not this courtship will progress into a budding romance and solid relationship or fizzle out into another failed rendezvous.

So you’re into this one. She’s more than just a flirty fling or pretty face to text for fun or to cure late-night boredom. Every time you write a message and go to hit send on your latest smartphone, keep the following texting tips in mind. And remember: Don’t screw it up.

Send Smileys Sparingly

Smiley faces, winks and cute emojis are heartwarming, but not in excess. Keep those exclamation points and “lols” to a minimum as well. Not only are emoticons distracting, you devalue their meaning by including them in every text. Women know you’re being sweet. Women know you’re flirting. There’s no need to drown the meaning of your message by including unnecessary smiley faces. If you do follow this guide, when you do send that happy face, she’ll recognize that this is an extra special moment.

Couple Text Messaging on SidewalkPractice Consistency

If you’re sending sporadic texts and responding infrequently, then you’re misleading and confusing her. A certain expectation for communication exists between newly-dating couples, and if you’re serious about hanging onto this one, then text message predictability is a good thing. Send a thoughtful note during the workday to let her know she’s on your mind or text her a funny quote from a TV sitcom that you’re watching at night. Do your best to respond to her texts in a timely manner, and don’t be afraid to let her know if you’re hung up at the moment and will chat later during a free moment. Consistent communication establishes trust and mutual interest for a happy forthcoming relationship.

Write Intelligently

Texting with abbreviations can be quite the turn off, whereas proper grammar, spelling and punctuation are turn ons. Both men and women agree; intelligence is sexy. Reading text messages shouldn’t have to be a mental chore as if she’s trying to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics. If your texts are spelling messes and grammar disasters, then ditch the laziness. You don’t want this gal to think she’s not worth a properly constructed text message or that you’re not fully engaged in the conversation.

Be an Interested Listener

No woman likes the man who’s self-centered and blind to anything else but his own needs and interests. Texting is a dynamic aspect of fostering a relationship. And just like you should be during face-to-face conversations, take a genuine interest in her life and listen. Red flags will raise if you don’t remember a part of her day she described to you in detail or if you ask her a question when you should already know the answer.

Be Natural & Do What You Feel

Both men and women need to avoid playing ‘hard to get,’ mostly because it won’t work if you really are interested in dating an emotionally-mature person, notes eHarmony. Avoid trying to time texts and responses to create control and have the upper-hand. Texting games aren’t sustainable forever, especially because being true to who you are in a relationship is paramount — and that includes naturally sending texts whenever you feel it in your heart to do so. Above all else, if you’re at the receiving end of text messages from a woman you’re not interested in, don’t resort to the “no response.” Politely responding with honesty is a kind gesture that any girl will appreciate.

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