The Birds And The Bees

By Nick Campbell:

Do you remember a time where you had that awkward conversation about the birds and bees? Some of us had our parents sit us down to have the “talk” right? For those who didn’t how did you first learn about sex? These are all important factors in how we grow up to view sexual relations. With no need to delve into psychological factors, how we learn about sex as a child does impact us. Consider the fast chicks you knew in high school. Is there any correlation to their fathers not being present in their lives? Maybe… Maybe not too. Because there are many women with both parents in the household who eventually went buck-wild. There are many people who grew up in shaky environments but somehow ended up straight laced. Nothing is ever for certain when it comes to what we learn and how we react to those lessons. Something to consider also is how our parents play a role in these lessons. It’s not always by way of conversation, it can be by way of the “talk”, but often times it’s by example. Remember those super awkward moments when you caught your parents getting it in? They didn’t need to say anything, what you witnessed was plenty!


There is a time where all kids get curious about how they were made.. 


Who can forget when they first learned how babies were made? It’s filled with so much innocence, curiosity, and of course laughter. I personally loathe the day I’ll be forced to have that talk with my son. But how do you plan to tackle this subject when it’s that time? As parents we’re faced with that scenario sometimes no sooner than kindergarten age. But it’s important to at least have the conversation.


Why you should talk to your kids about the birds and bees… 



Quite simply because you’re in a position of authority with your kids. In a position where they follow your lead and example. The trust they have in you should far outweigh the influence of others. It’s the influence of others that will cause you more concern in regards to sex. Once peer pressure starts to set in, your words of wisdom will be the voice in their head. If you have the talk early they’ll be in a better position to make the right choice. I don’t need stats to back that one up, you can just refer to yourself. How did your parents influence carry you through adolescence? Did you find their wisdom helpful? Now just flip that scenario with your own kids and hope for the best..


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