Loose Screws

By Nick Campbell:

Everybody has those horror stories about a crazy ex. Some are funny, most are real, all of them preventable. How can you avoid getting a class c stalker? It’s a bit easier than you can imagine. There are several steps you can take to keep yourself from being like Martin in the movie “A Thin Line.” The key to doing this can be found in the ways people end up in these crazy scenarios, and in essence showing you what to avoid. Ultimately, nothing will ever act as a predictor to a stage 5 clinger or some crazy Kathy Bates type getting at you. But in the meantime…. Ponder on this..

What drives stalker tendencies?


It mostly derives from control, lack of self esteem, and overall craziness. But a lot of times it will come from misleading cues. Signals that may or may not be intentional but misleading nonetheless. Sometimes when it’s intentional is where you see the most damage. Those guys who flip their wig when they find out a woman’s been using them. Or the woman who ends up realizing that a guy was only around to have her paying his bills. They all end up leading to some dark emotions that can only get worse when they find out the “user” is now seeing someone else.

What’s the hardest way to get rid of a clinger/stalker/crazy? 


Quite simply you’ll have to stop smashing! Talk about leading someone on? There is no bigger way to keep a person on your line than continuing to have sex with them. Especially if they find your sex to be good or even slightly fulfilling. You’ll never shake that person off and you’ll guarantee lose out in the end. How? Because by the time you do find someone that you want to be with, how long do you think they’ll stick around with some crazy chick peeking over the fence?

What should you do if you have one? 

Something important to keep in mind also regarding “stalkers”: Not everybody is a stalker. It’s important to not mistake persistence with someone being psycho. Someone paying you a compliment doesn’t automatically make the person “thirsty” and we should know what the difference is. It’s quite arrogant to think that a person is crazy because they find you attractive and decided to act on it. But in the case that you do have someone doing the stalker thing, it’s important to know how serious they are. Some people just need time to get closure and they’ll get over the obsession. For others though it may be necessary to escalate things. Make sure you exercise caution and involve law enforcement if things get too crazy.

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