Online Drama

By Nick Campbell:

We all see it on a daily. That subliminal post, sometimes the indirect jabs at others. All in the public eye and in front of an audience. Are you guilty of indulging in the drama? I admit I’ve chuckled at a few spats here and there. But I could never figure out the motivation to broadcast someone’s private battles on the walls of Facebook. But yet in still, people do it! I won’t attempt to figure this behavior out. However, there are several reasons to avoid doing it.


Aside from the entertainment value, do you feel the people observing your drama care much? 


Granted we all have close friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites.  But wouldn’t that mean that their ear would be yours for a venting session outside of Facebook? If so, then who is the drama meant to be for? Random strangers on the net? On average most people know only about 30% of their “friend list” on a personal level. So it’s something to consider…


If there is a serious problem you’re facing, why not confide in a better source? 


Does the answer to your problems live on the walls of Facebook? Think about what happens when people post a topic about a personal issue. Sure the responses of sympathy flood in from your Facebook friends. But at what point should we keep some struggles to ourselves? Do we not have some form of self responsibility to solve our own issues? The infamous Facebook rant will not stop, and sometimes it may even help. Just something people should consider when they use Facebook to vent their issues.

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