Time of the Month

There are four words that fells loathe to hear. These four words will have us walking on egg-shells, and being careful about what we say and do.  Those four words will cause us to let out an exasperated sigh and mumble, “Here we go again.” Can you think of what those four words could be? I’m sure the first ones that come to mind are, “We need to talk.” Yeah, those are some words that conjure up all types of thoughts – mostly “What did I do now?” But those are not the four words we’re talking about today. Four words that men do not want to hear are…

“Time of the month.”

Those words mean that she’s probably going to be moody, sensitive, and on edge and to make matters worse, unless we don’t mind getting our “red wings”, we have to walk around with blue balls until Aunt Flow leaves.  But all is not lost fellas, there is a little known secret about that “time of the month.” There are four days of the month that most women are at their horniest, and when you hear it’s that “time of the month”, you can smile slyly because the countdown is underway.  Begin with the first day of her period, count forward and make note of these days…

Day 10 – Her estrogen levels are peaking.  She’s ready to ovulate and is in the mood for romance, candles, soft music, etc.  She doesn’t want to “fuck”, she wants to “make love.”  Get out that Teddy P and Barry White playlist and get ready to give her a slow sensual, deep tissue massage…  FROM THE INSIDE!

time of monthDay 14 – Her egg and libido is ready to pop and she has a spike in testosterone. She is sexually aggressive.  She wants and needs to get fucked – HARD.  This is not the day for you to “lay her down”.  This is the day you want to beat it up real proper like.

Day 18 – Her body is making oxytocin, the same stuff is used to induce delivery.  She has an itch that needs to be scratched.  Her body is craving to be touched.  It is a great time for a rub-down or massage.  She’ll melt in your hands… and probably everywhere else too.

Day 28 – It is the end of her cycle and the extra uterine puffiness is misinterpreted by her body as sexual arousal. This is the perfect time to hit all her spots because her body is ready to cum hard… really hard.  Those kind of nuts that will leave her curled up in the fetal position afterwards, and have her skipping around the house the rest of the week.

Take note of these days fellas, and celebrate the fact that her “time of the month” will not be YOUR “time of the month.”

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