In the bed

By Nick Campbell:

In between the sheets: the place we all enjoy! In the bed though, you ever notice how sometimes we’re faced with different negatives? Surely many men have quietly wondered about whether their woman was faking an orgasm. Or even worse, has had that wondering thought about whether she was thinking about an ex. Men can be guilty of this too, however, it’s not often we think about exes outside of masturbation. Women on the other hand have an ocean of secrets in their hearts and minds. It’s not a bad thing though.


Every man’s goal in the bed.. 


Well at least it should be! But you know some fellas don’t approach every sexual scenario with the fervor and determination that we should. It’s always been a flaw for us and sometimes to a fault. It’s hard to put your ego to the side and say I’m gonna make sure she gets hers no matter what. To our defense though, it can be a flattering gesture to the ladies when this picture is actually in reverse.


Have you ever considered what you could go without? 


Some people are adamant about oral sex, some aren’t. I know some men who abide by the “no head, no bed” rule. Hell I know some ladies who do the same! But if your partner wasn’t much on head, would your relationship survive? Or would a side piece who is a certified head doctor creep in the picture? Or how about if you flip the script and take sex out of the equation and leave only the oral? Would that be a deal breaker for you? Something to ponder….


Till next time TRP! 





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