By Nick Campbell:

How would you define your intimacy level? If you can say your sex life is in high gear, then you my friend are winning and have no need to read any further. But if isn’t, let’s go up the ladder of S.E.X. Where do you think you come in at with your partner? Or cut buddy if that’s your thing. Let’s avoid the cliché of “Sex isn’t everything,” which is true. But let’s be frank here, it plays a significant role in our relationships does it not? Take it away and then ask yourself what separates you from anyone your partner deals with in terms of the opposite sex. Don’t worry, I’ll wait….. Ok let’s go..

S is for sensuality: 

Sensual is what separates the dude who’s beating the pussy up and the man who comes into the room with whip cream and cherries. It’s the part where a lady channels her inner whore but does so in the most innate and subtle fashion. It’s the part where she surprises him with the special red lace she’s been hiding up until now…. I think you get the picture.

E is for Erotic: 


At some point in your sexual journey you tend to step it up a bit, and when you reach this stage your temptations become harder to resist. You’re actions become more bold and inhibitions become a thing of the past. Limits cease to exist in the bedroom. You’re at a comfortable level but not necessarily complacent either. You start looking for spots to get it in and at the most random times. Humping like jack rabbits doesn’t begin to describe it! You’re getting warmer..

X is for X Rated


If you’ve reached this point in your sexual journey it does not mean you’ve reached the zenith of your sexual peak. It only means you hitting on all cylinders (no pun intended). Can there be a such thing as too much sex no matter how good it is? How much could you take? If you and your partner hit this level in the journey then you are truly blessed. You think people who get to this level are arguing about the light bill? You think their stress level gets high? Something to ponder TRP! Here’s a toast to your S.E.X. life!




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