Giving Thanks

By Nick Campbell:

As Thanksgiving approaches this month, many families will be putting together family dinners and plans. As we all know, Black Friday, the notorious shopping day after Thanksgiving day will be in full force. But as this holiday season gets under way, have you stopped to think about the purpose of the holidays? Have you gave much thought to other ways your time and energy can be used to bring good to others? I know during the holiday season people’s mind are usually on the deals and gifts for family members. Is it cliche to wonder about people in need of help? People are in need in of help all over the country, but local food banks and shelters are short on help.

However, the Apple store has people camped out days before a new iPhone or iPad launches. Target and Walmart will have a line around the corner and down the street for that red light special on a DVD player or TV set. So time doesn’t seem to be a factor, nor does the money. What’s stopping us from helping out? If you’re going to cite religion on Facebook and make it trendy to quote religious scripture during the holidays, you’ve got to live up to it. Ask yourself what’s honoring your faith more, that plasma TV or the empty stomach you fed. A deeper question is what’s more trendy? Helping out a cause or posting religious quotes? Something to ponder for all of us..

How do you plan to spend your holiday season? 

How often do you really spend time with your family? Are the holidays the only time you take time out to visit your fam? Why are family visits turning into annual holidays? Shouldn’t we be tight with our fam through out the year? Too many family members are left alone on the holidays as our busy schedules keep us caught in the rat race. Make a change this holiday season and go see your folks.

Why do you give thanks on Thanksgiving? 

Is it the holiday specials on so called Black Friday? This shopper holiday known to retailers as “Black Friday” is the day where retailers get back in the “black” or profitability. In any case, please remember there are many organizations helping undeserved citizens in your city. Be sure to throw them a dollar or two this year. They could really use the help!

Happy Holidays TRP! Till next time..





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