Getting Back In The Groove

By Nick Campbell:

At some point most of us will be on a first date with someone. Or we’ve all been on a first date before (for those who aren’t single anymore). Some of the most important things to keep in mind as you go on a date are some of the risque topics. The things that come up the most, or rather the most common are the ones that can bury your chances. Things like family religion, income, family, even sex can all sabotage your chances at a great date and a future relationship. So, what are they? Well, some common ones are kids. If you’ve got a “baby daddy/mama” (I hate that term) one thing you should avoid like the plaque is degrading and denigrating them in front of your date. It only sets off the “antennas” of the other person. Because if you’re using them as a sound board to sound off about them, it lets that date know you’ve got unresolved issues. That spells drama and who wants to subscribe to your issues, when we have our own to deal with? We all know our limit when it comes to how much drinking we can handle. If you don’t know, I’d suggest looking back to the last time you were in Vegas with your friends. Ladies, do you remember how many “beautifuls” it took before your homegirl was holding your hair back so you can pray to the porcelain god? I’m just saying, it’s not a good look for a first date to see that. Fellas, the same applies to us as well. Don’t get plastered and start turning into Gandhi and become a philosopher because you’ve had a few too many Henny and Cokes. Should you ever mix Politics and Religion? Two explosive and practically dynamite topics. What happens if you’re out with a registered Republican and you’re a hard core Democrat? Do you dare bring up Roe V. Wade on a first date? Do you start debating the intricacies of the bible on a first date? I don’t think so! Avoid it at all costs in my honest opinion….But what say you TRP? Would you go there??

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