Enjoying Downtown

By Nick Campbell:

It’s the one place every man is destined to pay a visit. Some visit often, some not enough. Downtown, or going down is how it’s often referred to, is the ultimate pelvic geography. Oral sex, the one sexual turf that puts men in the driver seat. It’s the power position in a lot of ways. How? Well, it’s a uniquely dominant position in the bed room. The one thing when done correctly can overwhelm a woman sexually. It’s where that “I got you know” comes out. Sometimes it’s a loud erotic shriek, but often a faint whimper. But let’s keep it in context here, because many men never make this trip. Some make the journey but don’t like to stay for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons though, however, are pretty legit. But there are a few things that can make it more enjoyable, right?


Make it confortable for her and she’ll make it a quick trip.


Some guys are under the impression that it’s all about speed-bagging the clit. But you have to be mindful of how sensitive this area can be. Too much pressure, or too much speed can be uncomfortable for some. The best way to approach this? Maybe not speeding it up, but perhaps slowing it down. Or a jab if you please! Best case scenario it’s good to understand your partner. As a result you’ll be making it more enjoyable for her, and in turn she won’t put you in a headlock making your stay uncomfortable.

Ladies, you can make it a really comfortable trip for him too. 


This is the look we have on our face when we see “wilderness” down there. In other words, keeping things neat and tidy down there is the best act of hospitality you can show us. Keeping it clean should be a no brainer, so I won’t even go there. But since we’re on that topic, refer to the face above when you wonder what it’s like to suffer thru smelly “areas.”

So with all that said, make the trip comfortable for both parties involved. Both parties can make sure the experience is pleasurable, and it’s on us to make sure of it. We can do that by remembering the little things that make up a big deal with oral sex. Besides, as men we have a huge incentive. When done correctly, you know that moment when her eyes roll into the back of her head? You can ask her for anything and she’ll likely say yes! *sort of*

Till next time! 


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