Bad Credit: The Hidden Epidemic

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What’s as repugnant as halitosis? In the dating arena, a bad FICO score, that’s what. Gentlemen, check your credit score before your next date, or else bad credit could have your potential mate jumping ship before the romance ever sets sail.

Credit Dating

There are sites like and dedicated to matching up those with pristine credit. The existence of these sites alone strengthens the argument on the relevance of good credit to romance. Good credit is seductive. Bad credit is repulsive. These are the themes that are gaining more traction in the dating scene, spurring many to boldly inquire about credit in the course of the first date. Guys, prepare yourself for credit-conscious women ready and willing to interrogate you on your personal finances. Who can blame them, with so many marriages ending in financial ruin?

Credit Inhibitions

Not only can less-than-stellar credit scores sabotage your dating life, but it can prevent even the most ambitious people from obtaining a house, job or car. Poor credit tends to stonewall drivers from purchasing a vehicle. On any proper date, guys are expected to be the behind the wheel. When your dating life is at stake, men can obtain a used car by turning to DriveTime bad credit auto loans that offer diverse repayment options. The other option is forcing your reluctant date to drive (not recommended). Say you manage to keep your credit a deep, dark secret throughout months of dating, and you decide to pop the question. Good luck securing an engagement ring from anywhere other than a gum ball machine.

Bad CreditCredit Contagion

When joint accounts are opened – such as with credit cards, mortgages or auto loans – a couple’s individual credit scores are intertwined forever. OK, that may be a slight overstatement, but these loans will indeed affect both of your ratings and will continue to do so even after a divorce. Joint accounts are the financial equivalent of refusing to use a prophylactic. One partner’s bad credit will infect the other’s, and there is no financial protection to prevent the pernicious spread of bad credit to your partner. Both of you will have to settle for financial abstinence from each other.

Credit Improvement

Bad credit need not be a permanent financial affliction. First, obtain your FICO credit report and search it for erroneous data. When you realize that your credit score is likely the fault of no one but you, making punctual, regular payments will improve your score after a single year, according to Staying debt-free won’t boost your rating either, much to everyone’s dismay. Borrowers must actually have debt, and pay it off in a timely fashion to raise their credit rating.

It all boils down to taking responsibility for your finances, making savvy monetary decisions and living within your means. After all, do you want to risk losing the love of your life because of a low number on your credit score?

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