She Said, He Believes

Dear Relationship Playbook

My ex asked me if I had a relationship with his cousin whom I am cool with. He was told by his ex-girl that I messed with his cousin whom she is engaged too.I find that kind of funny that he listens to his ex who is actually engaged to his cousin. But won’t believe me? Am I wrong for going off and should I approach her about the situation?

My thoughts…

You could approach her about it, but what would be the point?

If it isn’t true and she’s just “hatin” on you for whatever reason they let her do what she does. Haters, hate.

If you approach her, it gets physical, and you beat her down, guess what? She’s still going to hate.

If you approach her, it gets physical and she beats you down, she’s really going to hate and talk ish about whippin’ your ass.  It’s a no win situation for you. Let her drink her Haterade.

Besides she isn’t your problem. ..

Your ex not believing you is the problem – well that’s only if you plan on trying to be with him again.
If you two are on a “break” to fix whatever wrong and plan on getting back together then you need to decide if you want to be with a man that chooses not to believe you. The choice is yours, but those situations NEVER end well.   If you plan on keeping him as your “ex”, then who cares if he believes you or not? You know what you did and didn’t do. Why waste time trying to convince someone of the truth when they want to believe their own fantasies?

You can’t.

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