The Age Gap

By Nick Campbell:

If you’re like me you probably have a age limit when it comes to dating. A floor limit on what you’ll get involved with age-wise. Some people even have a age ceiling! I’ve met and interacted with a lot of people under the age of 30, and I’m finding myself in conflict. On one hand I had the impression that younger women under the age of 30 were immature party animals. But lately I’ve met many professional young women who battle that stereotype. On the other hand, women my age and older have seemingly switched roles. They are the ones partying it up and needing attention to desperate levels.  I give my generation a little leeway on this though, mainly because of their situation.

Many of them had children early and now those kids are growing up to be young adults. With that comes the freedom they haven’t experienced in many years of dedicating their lives to these kids. So naturally they are reclaiming the fun they missed out on. But at what point does one feel they’ve got it back? And can they get back to being serious?

Another thing I assumed was that the younger crowd was self absorbed and stuck on themselves. But in this age of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others I notice the main ones in the mirror are the older women! It’s true they love the attention like anyone else, so I can no longer claim attention whoring is limited to the 25 and under crowd. So it’s clear that maturity is somewhat relative and depends on where someone is in their life. It’s not limited to a certain age group. So the question becomes can you see yourself dating someone 10-12 years your junior? Or how about dating someone 10 years your senior? They both bring their own sets of pros and cons. For us men, the pros of younger women is course the physical perks. Younger women usually have a nice body unaffected by life’s ails (e.g.children, slowed down metabolism ETC) The cons? Sometimes they can be emotionally immature, or lacking culture.

If you go in the older direction you’ve got the Pros: Maturity, financial stability and others. But the Cons? Emotional baggage of bad relationships sometimes, insecurity of what the future holds. So it’s safe to say nothing is guaranteed in relationships nor dating. You have to take it for what it’s worth.. Everything has it’s risks and rewards.

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  • Keisha Jones Smith

    I take it by individual(clean slate, you mess it up, its on you and you alone)… far as age, i won’t date anyone more than 5 years younger or anyone older than 55(my mom is 59)……i’m 41 years old(my daughter is 20, son is 16) and have no desire to club anymore, did all that when I was in high school and college in Miami(Club/Party City of the South). I’m a straight shooter, no time to BS around about how I feel and what I want…..I ask questions so as to not waste time and save me from a lot of heart ache…….Ultimately, COMMUNICATION IS KEY!!!!!!!!