Surviving The Holidays

By Nick Campbell:

The holiday season brings many traps and pitfalls in regards to dating. Take this scenario we’re all familiar with: You’re dating someone new, and you decide to invite them along to your folks house for Thanksgiving dinner. Sounds easy right? Well, let’s consider some classic nightmare scenarios that’s happened in real life situations. The date who showed up and was pissy drunk in front of his date’s family. Or how about the chick who showed up at their date’s family gathering flirting with his cousin? Believe it or not, these things have happened and will continue to happen. Why?

Many people fail to plan family holidays and so they plan to fail. So many pitfalls and consequences can be avoided. You have to treat going to your date’s family gathering the same way you do a corporate Christmas party. Keeping it professional is just the minimum. You’re tasked with navigating around nasty food, rude family members, nosy grandmas, and patience with the BeBe’s.. In short, become an expert on manners or find your comfort zone and ride it out. Need a few tips? Let’s dive in..

You don’t eat pork, but they’ve got the whole pig from the “rooda to the tooda” on the table. With no turkey in sight, what can you do? 

Polite is the key here! Some grandmas might take offense to you not diving in, but they will take even more offense of you feeding ham to the cat. If you plan properly your date should’ve dropped a hint on grams to make her special Cornish Hen, Baked Chicken, or Turkey as an addition. But if you got put into the situation last minute, stack up on sides and hide a single slice of the pork behind them. Eat from the top, and voila! In the meantime engage the cook as to not draw attention to your disregard of the food. Problem solved, hopefully…

Everyone has that ratchet Aunt who likes to get in your biz… 

So how do you handle the situation that comes up where she’s asking about your date’s ex? Quite simply remember this fact. Once you remember it, relax and brush it off. Politely excuse yourself and go get some punch. You’re almost there..

Likewise, everybody has a pervert Uncle…. And he thinks your date is cute.. 

Yeah, as always keep your cool. Take it as a compliment, but if he’s getting unruly she will be observing to see how you handle it. But hopefully if the date is planned well, you’ll have plenty of warning about Uncle Ray Ray and his hood tendencies!

Your date’s drunk Uncle starts going into a tangent about Obama and “Liberals.” Do you engage them or deflect from it? 

Depends….How does your date feel about the subject? He/She may see you as informed and love your tenacity. Some may get put off that your engaging in a political discussion. Depending on how the conversation is going it may or may not lead to a further debate with your date. Tread carefully my friend….

Happy Holidays! 




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