Romance Without Finance

By Nick Campbell:

Romance without finance is a nuisance..” I remember when I first heard that. I didn’t have much concept of what that meant. Mainly because at that time in my life those two things didn’t necessarily intersect with each other. In my early 20’s, like most men I was in the bachelor stage. When you’re at that stage in life your main priorities are just yourself, so the finance would seldom mix with romance. When I dated someone in those times, their financial situation didn’t have any bearing on whether I’d date them going forward.

When you’re that young and in full bachelor mode you’re not thinking that far ahead. But what happens when you do make that transition? When you’re no longer in bachelor mode, and you’re in a settling down mode. Things will change, and all of the sudden you’ll find these things very important. Women with wife potential start appearing and you’re wondering how your pocket books will mesh. For ladies, you’ll pay more attention to a man’s commitments. There are a few important factors to keep in mind when these potentially game changing worlds collide.

Truly understand your mates spending habits..

You need to understand these habits sooner than later. The time in which you’re building a relationship with someone is the time in which you get to know someone’s spending traits. Besides their tastes in food, color, and sexual acts you’d be wise to know how they spend money. Here’s an example of why: If you decide to start merging finances together for things like a home, loans, or even investments it’s without saying you should have an idea about their financial picture. Don’t do it after your married and as a result wager your whole marriage on your chances.

If you decide to settle down, you can’t spend like your single while acting like your married. 

Ladies, you have a child and the man you’re dating goes out and buys that sweet IROC Camaro, or that Nissan 300Z with the rack on top? Yeah, so ask yourself if that sounds like someone trying to be single or someone who is ready to settle down? Basically, for romance to come together with finance and not be a nuisance, you’ve got to be in tune with each other. The easiest way to do this is by having the conversation nobody likes to have.

Don’t wait until the honeymoon to let your skeletons out of the closet!

Fellas, you got about $29,000 in back child support owed? Ladies, did you lose custody of your kids and now you owe? In regards to child support, make no mistake that in certain states you can be liable for a spouses child support debt. The depth of someone else’s debt can go way beyond child support. It can come back to haunt you when you go to buy that home, get a loan, or start a business. You have to be aware of tax obligations as well. There’s nothing that can hurt a relationship more than finding out how much you owe when you efile your taxes in April. It can come back to haunt you when you go to buy that home, get a loan, or start a business. You have to be aware of tax obligations as well. There are three people you should be scared of: The I-R-S…In that order…

Most of all keep the lines of communication open about money and you’ll be better off.

Till next time TRP! 



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