I booked my cruise. Now What?

Let the countdown begin.

We are less than 6 months away from leaving the worries we have in our lives behind and setting sail on our You Deserve It Cruise.  Those that have cruised with TRP before, know that I’m particular (aka anal, lol) about keeping everyone informed of what’s going on. I have never been the “just show up and figure it out” type, so expect to hear from me several times between now and May 4.

So you’ve made your reservation…



Make your payments. You can make whatever payment arrangements you are comfortable with, remember your full deposit of $250 per person must be paid by 1/4/13 and the total cruise fare must be paid by 3/5/13. Those are dates set by Carnival and I cannot change them. Keep that in mind as you do your holiday shopping.

Get your paperwork in order. In order to get on the boat you will need to have one of the following combination of documents: a passport OR an Enhanced Driver’s License OR a government issued photo ID and certified copy of birth certificate.  Take it from someone that forget his paperwork a couple of years ago – they will not let you on if your paperwork is not in order. Read our frequently asked questions page for complete details.

Cabin changes. If you want to add or change the person on your reservation just call Terri Bushaw (206) 674-4301, and she’ll take care of it.  If you are looking for a cabin mate email us and we’ll look into possible pairings. If you have someone on serious CP time and they would like to book a cabin, they would have to pay the full deposit of $250 at time of reservation and the rate would be whatever Carnival’s rate is at that time.

Pre-cruise activities. There will be a group hotel for those that plan on getting in early, but I am not going to look into making those arrangements until mid-January. We’ll have a better idea of how many people are arriving early by then.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving.  Will be in touch soon.

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