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Dear Relationship Playbook

So I have started seeing a great guy. Everything seems to be too good to be true. Except one thing, he is an attention whore. I am in college with two kids, so time is kinda limited during my day. But he expects me to just sit with him on the phone ALL DAY! And he expects me to call him. I explained to him that I won’t call him unless I know for sure he can talk to me (txt before just to make sure). Cause otherwise he will sit with me on the phone and have conversations with everyone around him BUT ME. So when I can’t sit with him on the phone all day, he gets his feelings hurt.

How do I explain it to him? Because now he is doing the “trying to make me jealous” game. I don’t have time for drama. We do really good when we are together in person, but that is only every other week, until August when I am moving back home.


My thoughts…

You said it yourself you don’t have time for drama, and it sounds like you don’t have a lot of time in general. You’re a parent with two children so you fully understand how crying babies are when they want attention. They’ll yell, scream, pout, throw things, and do whatever else they can do to get your attention. In the beginning it’s cute, you laugh about it, and tell your friends what the baby did today. But what happens after this goes on for months?

You ignore them and let them throw a tantrum. Why? Because if you don’t they’ll continually manipulate and control you and no one wants to be the parent of that bad ass, bratty kid.

How do you explain it to him? You don’t.

You don’t explain to a child why he shouldn’t throw a tantrum, you simply jack his bad ass up and TELL him you are not going to tolerate that kind of behavior – period. You’re a busy woman and you’re willing to make time for him, but you’re not going to drop everything and schedule your life around his rants.

Leave it at that.

If he continues to throw a tantrum – let him – until he learns how to deal with it. You don’t even acknowledge it, because when someone wants attention they’ll take whatever attention you give them – even if it’s negative. Ignore the childish BS and eventually, he should come around… and if he doesn’t?

Then he isn’t the one for you, no matter how great of a guy he is. Being a great guy in general, doesn’t make him a great guy for YOU.

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