Game Over. But Try Again?

Dear Relationship Playbook

Hi there! So I’ve been talking to this guy for over a year now. He had a girlfriend, we knew we liked each other but nothing really happened in all that time. He broke up with the girlfriend like 4 months ago, and we started talking again. He invited me over to his house for dinner, everything was going good, then he asked me to go visit him at work b/c he’s a business owner so he wanted me to get to know his work place and stuff, so far all good.  On our 2nd date we had sex, we keep talking, texting etc. Then his birthday was coming up and he told me he wanted us to spend it together. His birthday comes and I ask him what the plans are and he doesn’t respond to my calls and all of a sudden he tells me his tired so we’re not doing anything anymore. I’m like “………..ok!” so then I find out through his Facebook that he’ll have a party with all of his friends and I’m not invited. It hurt my feelings to the point where I was like I don’t wanna talk to you anymore and I don’t have time for these games and bullsh*t.

2 weeks later I get a random text message from an unknown number, saying “how come u don’t talk to me anymore and we’re not friends?” blah blah blah……..then I call the random number and it’s him, and I hung up b/c I was still really upset about the whole thing and him lying about it. I had closed my FB account for a while b/c I know he stalks my profile, a month later I open it again, and ever since then he keeps posting all these ridiculous pictures of him with other girls, etc etc.

So, what the hell??? Any feedback?

My thoughts…

I’m confused as to what you would like feedback on.

You said yourself, “I don’t have time for these games and bullshit.” Well if that is truly the case, then why are you asking for feedback on his games and bullshit? Is it that you want to know why he’s doing it? I’ll help you out…

He’s playing games because ________ (insert any and every reason you can think of here).

Who gives a damn about what his reasons are? If you’re not playing the games then let him go play them by himself. Why concern yourself with it? One of the amazing features on Facebook is the “Delete and Block”.  Use it and then you won’t waste your time going through his news feed, photo albums, and whatnot.

Now if in some weird, twisted, self-inducing pain kind of way you want to play the game and see how it ends with him then do so. You don’t need our feedback for that.  You simply just play the game, but don’t cry foul when you end up on the losing end.


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