The Gamut of Emotions

By Nick Campbell:

If you could have a choice between makeup sex, or one night stand sex, which would tickle your fancy more? Better yet, how about newlywed sex or your first time with a mate sex? The emotions change from having one night stand sex, to when you have your honeymoon. Sex swings emotions so many ways in your head doesn’t it? Have a look..

Newlywed Sex vs. First time with a partner…

Remember that first time you had sex with a boyfriend/girlfriend? The awkwardness, getting to know their body, likes and dislikes and what not. There were so many uncomfortable factors surrounding this first time, picture the fast forward you experience when you become a newlywed. The sex is mind blowing, but why? Is it because the sex is that good? Or has the emotion changed?

Makeup Sex vs. One Night Stand Sex…

The emotions completely conflict here.. With make up sex you’re in frustration mode and taking it out on your partner. With one night stand sex, your feelings are uninhibited. It goes to show the separation of random sex and emotional sex.  Again, sex can swing on the emotional spectrum. It’s never the same..

Cheating Sex vs. Revenge Sex..

The emotions here are pretty much one in the same.. When you’re cheating the sex is a rush because you know you’re doing wrong. The revenge sex brings a similar emotion because it’s usually the result of someone cheating on you that brings about revenge sex. Have you ever used sex as a revenge tool? Did you feel any better after? Probably not, but yet and still people do it thinking it will bring them satisfaction.

Workplace Sex vs. Public Sex..

Almost the same emotion as they both can get you in trouble. The rush you get risking the chance of getting caught is pretty wild, but trust when I say you haven’t had sex until you’ve had it on the conference room table. Don’t act like you don’t you have a key and the alarm code to your building! You must give it a try soon, trust me. And you haven’t had sex until you’re in the parking lot of your local Apple-Bee’s with grandma walking by shaking her head at you. I’m just saying..

Till next time 😉

~Dr. Knockboots aka Nic


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  • Is there anything better than newlywed sex? It’s what sex was designed for – after procreation.

  • Kenya Forrest

    Nice article! 😉 I think you just about covered it.

  • Yeah….Nic, you have covered about all the “sexes!” lol…! *in Barry White voice* I guess it’s ALL good!! 🙂