Are they Crazy?

By Nick Campbell:

Now we’ve all heard our brethren say” That chick is crazy”, however, how many stay with said chick thru slashed tires and baby mama crank calls? There is a fine line between an insecure woman and a woman on the borderline of batshit crazy or even worse someone with Histrionic personality disorderWhat’s normally parodied in the media and many times brushed off by society can be a man’s biggest nightmare. It’s not even taken serious in the eyes of the law! So, is there a way to avoid it? Can you somehow see this behavior coming? Maybe.. Let’s discuss a few shall we? Dealing with someone that displays signs of Histrionic Personality Disorder will be harder to catch today–it easier to present your “representative,” as Chris Rock calls it, with technology. With the introduction of social networking like Facebook; Twitter; and now Instagram it deals in the same narcissism that dictates Histrionic Personality Disorder. Things like self-indulgence, desperateness for attention, shallowness and the general lack of concern for others. They all can be easily found on any Facebook profile, but this dangerous disorder can exhibit the same traits. Some things to consider..

What kind of vibe does your friends get? 

Often our friends can pick up on vibes that we can’t. I’m never one to recommend letting a friends judgment be the end all or final say on the inner workings of your dating life. But with that said, it might behoove you to consider their thoughts. What they catch could save your ass literally and figuratively.

Does they obsess over appearance? 

It’s a world of difference between self image and narcissistic behavior. People who crave attention and validation show these red flags in many ways. But would you recognize them? It could be a big sign that he/she has self esteem issues, and when there are self esteem issues present it can spell doom. The stability of a person can’t always be gauged through their time in the mirror. But how about their other ticks? Like demanding the lights be off when you have sex? Or the 2 hour sessions in the mirror instead of coming to the bed?

How do they react to interactions with the opposite sex?

As adults we all deal with the opposite sex on a daily basis. At work, school, church, you name it. So unless you’re playing the field why you’re still on it, they shouldn’t be freaking out over adult interaction. Have they ever been caught peeking in your phone? Or consistently coming behind other people’s comments and liking their comments, or making smirk remarks after? Red flags, my good sir, heed them well…

Learn more about this disorder by clicking on the links in the article. Have you ever dealt with someone that might have been suffering from this? Leave a comment

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  • It’s the same personalities, technology just gives them a bigger audience to feed into it.

  • Right about the technology point…..people are creating new personalities…!