Breaking Up Like Grown Ups…..

Let’s be honest….everybody can’t be “the one.”  This is an easy enough concept to grasp, right? So then why do people act so crazy about break ups??

I can tell you why….because the way people break up is an indicator of their intelligence, character, maturity, and backbone. And let’s just say that those traits are not in overabundance.

I think there should be a new rule:  If you are “grown enough” for relationships than you are “grown enough” to know how to break up with someone in good taste, decorum and like you have some good sense.

There are 5 basic rules to breaking up in Grown Up Fashion:

1.) Do it already. If you  know it is over for you, don’t drag it out. All you are doing is making the person wonder where they stand in the relationship. Either be invested or hit the door.

2.) Tell; don’t show. Yeah, if you are one of those people who likes to slink out of relationships with out telling someone face to face like a big boy or girl, then Imma need you to have a seat in time out. ——> _/ Respect was taught in Kindergarten. And quit breaking up with people on the “layaway plan.”  AND quit acting a fool so they will break up with you. TELL them what you want.

3.) Don’t worry about being friends.  This is a break up not a popularity contest. If you are breaking up with someone, no matter how politely and respectfully, they may still hate your guts. Don’t offer up friendship to soften the blow or to make it easier for you.

4.) Don’t make enemies. Be firm, but nice, kind and respectful. The other person may show their ass, but that won’t be your fault. State your piece and exit the premises.

5.) Give space and distance.  When you break up with someone, do them a favor and give them time to heal. Don’t start liking their posts every five minutes and sending them texts messages every day. Not cool.

As a general rule it always cool to break up like a grown up for three very important reasons:

  • You may change your mind and want that person back. They will remember how you treated them the first time.
  • Your next boo could be watching how you implement your exit strategy. You would want to look like a person of good moral fiber.
  • If the person you are breaking up with is a good, kind, decent person….why ruin them for the next one?


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