Before You Play

By Nick Campbell:

The foreplay we have in the bedroom should really be changed to “before you play.” Gentlemen, take notes. Take heed because when you master the art of foreplay, you will be truly the beast you tell your friends that you are. Sex without foreplay is like (insert your favorite analogy here) This article is rated R, keep your kids away from the PC/Mac!

Be easy on the clit.. 

I know, I know…. You think the clitoris is the key to making her go wild yes? Well, that’s true to a certain degree. Some men have trouble even locating it. However, when some do they go buck wild. The clitoris has close to 8000 nerve endings, it’s a bit sensitive my good sir. It’s akin to having a woman going buck-wild on your tip right after you just came. Let that thought settle in for a second and go back to when a chick did that to you. Now imagine that’s her! Slow, steady, measured strokes my friends. Work your way up to the appropriate speed and pressure (every woman is different in this regard; find out what she likes), you can thank me later.

Touch spots that usually go untouched..

The small of her back can be highly sensitive. Tickles, fingernails, and tongues do wonders in this area. The small of her back all the way up the spine can bring shivers. I know you’re used to the licking the earlobes, the neck, ETC times 4. But this let’s you explore some other areas. The shoulder area are potential gold mines, but the feet? Nibbling on the arches of the feet? Errmm, discretion advised buddy! Erogenous Zones are yours to conquer!

Use it as a power position 

Learn about power positions, they will shift the power in the bedroom in your favor. Find something that makes you a pleasure delayer. Oh the madness this brings upon women! Why? There is something about not having control that can set off the ultimate pleasure. Positions that have her off slipping off the bed but she knows you’ve got her and won’t let her slip. Physically binding but not necessarily dominating things like her legs in one hand while the other strokes her neck. Feel me yet??

Stay Curious..

One of the main reasons to take it easy with your partner? You have so much to explore. Why blow it all in one night? Or even in one month for that matter? Take your time and enjoy the ride. You didn’t get to bust on her face last night? No worries, there is always tomorrow night! Don’t think she’ll be down for it? Mark my words that your woman is one Hennessy shot from becoming a porn star in bed with the right amount of time and trust. So…..cue up your iPhone/iPad…

Till next time TRP! 

~Nic aka Dr. Knockboots





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  • I will agree with you, Will. I think we need to enjoy the moments. What’s the rush??

  • “Anticipation of death is worse than death itself.”

    Delaying gratification is a strong aphrodisiac. Control the mind and controlling the body comes easy.