Getting down to the roots

A few months ago, we responded to a fan question on our Facebook fan page – here was her concern: 

I really need your help. My fiance’ has been asking me numerous times to show my natural hair. The thing is I’m not confident enough my real hair is about shoulder length I would like for it to be longer but I have no idea how to make it grow. I have had numerous surgeries as a child  and during my teen years which has damaged my hairline badly which is why I wear wigs all the time. 

I feel like it’s hindering our intimacy and my confidence in the bedroom. I’ve been really depressed about this my whole life especially when I see other women able to switch between wearing weaves/wigs and their natural hair and I can’t. Is there any advice you can give?

As with most questions the responses varied, but they all revolved around one central idea – talk to him, let him know your concerns, and chances are you’re making more of an issue than it really is.  She listened to your thoughts and here is an update:

Hello everyone at Relationship Playbook; I’m giving you an update on how things went with showing my  fiance’ my natural hair in case anyone forgot I was afraid to show him my natural hair because of my damaged hair line due to surgeries… well … everything went great! I showed him and he wasn’t shocked or disgusted. That night we had the greatest intimacy ever. He even played in my hair something I would never let him do before while we were being intimate. He loves to wash my hair too now; it’s almost like he got even closer to me since the wig came off.. and I feel like I’m free as a bird because now I can come home and snatch the darn thing off be relaxed and comfortable my self esteem is slowly building I thank you all once again you are wonderful!

This just on of the many examples of you all changing relationships and lives with your constructive advice, and why TRP is nominated as one of the Best Sex or Relationships Blogs…  Keep up the great work TRP.


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