Face Value

By Nick Campbell:

It goes without saying, but you shouldn’t take everything at face value. There are many things about dating that in fact should be brushed off. It’s easy to get muddled in the middle, but there are many ways to avoid confusion. With men it isn’t rocket science! It doesn’t get all complex. If we’re cool, then trust us when we say that. There isn’t some hidden meaning to our silence. Sometimes, we’re just chilling watching the game or something else. It really isn’t that serious half the time. But for the Ladies? Hmm.. Now the plot thickens. Women are notorious for the deadly silence, piercing stare, cold shoulder, and overall nonchalant attitude. When men get into a nonchalant mode, some women wrack their mind wondering what the problem is. But when a woman in is this mode, fellas, be aware. But since not everything is at face value, don’t be fooled by what I refer to as “verbal shrugs.” Example, “You good babe? You look a bit upset.” She answers: “Yeah I’m fine”, walks out and goes to another room. A verbal Kayne Shrug, normal for men, with women you should be aware. But when it comes to these verbal shrugs, there a few notorious ones you be’d wise to not take at face value…

“It’s ok, (insert pet name) You need to get me anything for my Birthday” 

Yeah… Fall for this one if you want to! But when a woman is saying this, it’s Entrapment at its purest form indeed. Let’s say you take her word at face value. You don’t get a gift, and you’ll be wondering why you’re sleeping on the couch. Don’t be an epic failure, ignore this one.

“You’ll like my homegirl, she’s real pretty and she’s so sweet” 

O_O… Fellas, I’m sure we’ve all fell for the mercy hook up. The one where your friend’s girlfriend, being impressed with you, feels the urge to “hook you up.” Here’s your dilemma, likely she’s no where near the way she described her. She was Freddie Jackson, not Janet Jackson. Sure you might take one for the team, but please believe if you dog her out you’ll never hear the end of it. Not from the homegirl, but from your friend! That’s because he’ll have to hear it about how much of a dog you are. Ignore this one too.

I don’t do that” 

Bullshit alert! Your woman is nastier than you can imagine. She’s one patron shot away from letting you bust in her ear if you wanted to. Oh you think she is a prude? Catch her at the right time and you will see her alter ego named Vanessa Del Rio come out. So when you hear this one, just nod and smile. Really ignore this one…

Till next time TRP!

~Nick C.

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