Losing Yourself

By Nick Campbell:

In relationships we all know compromise shouldn’t be a dirty word. As a matter of fact, it is absolutely essential. But at what point does compromising force you to lose yourself? Take a man who’s passionate about politics and current events. If they are dating a person who has no concern about important matters, should they be forced to put that aside to appease someone? I’d say no, but yet so many people will lose themselves in the pursuit of others.

Take the woman who’s passionate in her faith, and takes pride in her commitment to the church. Then she meets a man who brings out every sin and passion that was dormant inside her. All of the sudden she’s going buck wild. In her efforts to appease this man, she lost her passion for what originally drove her in life. Her faith.. So did she lose herself in the pursuit of a relationship? There is the woman who considers her body a temple, but in the process of trying to get and keep a man, she lets any Tom, Dick and Harry enter it. So if you lost yourself in the pursuit of someone, how can you find your way back?

 Reassess what matters to you..

As you make your way back into your own zone, remember what used to drive you the most. Whether it’s family, volunteer work or faith, make that connection again! If it’s something you’ve dedicated yourself to, it should welcome you back with open arms. You can always come home..

Forgiving yourself is more important than forgiving those who wrong you. 

It’s hard to forget let alone forgive, however, if you can forgive yourself the healing process moves a lot quicker. Think about the things you learned from giving too much of yourself to a person. By finding yourself after being lost, you see things in hindsight. You won’t get anywhere holding a grudge, nor will holding out for closure. Sometimes the only thing you can do is focus on the Notorious K.I.M. (Keep it moving)

You can’t learn much from mistakes until you stop denying that you made one…

Even the strongest and smartest of people can, will and always make mistakes. It’s one of the best learning lessons: Our own errors always show us the way. Whether we like it or not, we learn the best when we bump our head. A hard ass makes a soft head…. Flip that, reverse it..

Till next time TRP!

~Nick C.

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  • One of the most overlooked aspects of a compromise is finding the middle ground. Too many people view it as a literal give and take – meaning “I gave you your way last time, so you have to give me my way this time”. That’s not a compromise – that’s keeping score.

  • There is a difference between compromise and losing yourself….I also think that there is a reason they call it “falling.” That balance is hard!